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体验西方文化  分享丰收喜悦——2015 Harvest Party

Long time ago……


People from all ages and all fields came to join the 2015 SMIC Harvest Party.

The children dressed like professionals from different occupations.



Look! The children were doing a candy parade. Grandpas and grandmas also came to enjoy the spirit of fall harvest.



In our harvest party, princesses and Bay-max were happily visiting different stations. Bay-Max was welcomed by people from all ages.



During this event, teachers and PTA volunteers worked together to bring joy and warmth to our children. Through teamwork, children experienced  enjoyment and happiness.



The purpose of hosting this event is to provide an opportunity for children to experience western culture; the changing of the seasons, and the joy that comes with the harvest season. Also, we would like to teach our children to be thankful for love given by people around them and to appreciate the things provided by nature.